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Total Hip Replacement: Anterior vs Posterior Approach?

A woman standing with her hands on her hips

Many patients considering hip replacement are asking whether the anterior approach is better than the posterior approach. Some are actually even demanding the anterior approach!! I assume this is because of the incredible power of medical marketing on television and the internet, because the scientific data does not support such a blanket thought process. Let […]


Partial versus Total Knee Replacement

A man holding his painful knee

The time has come to proceed with replacement surgery on your arthritic knee. The only question now is “Do I do a partial knee replacement (PKR) or a total knee replacement (TKR)?” The simple answer to this question lies in another question….where is your arthritis located? The knee joint is comprised of three separate areas […]


Do I Really Need a Knee Replacement?

A woman holding her painful knee

By Dr. Scott Tarantino — My response to this question as an orthopedic surgeon is usually, “I don’t know, do you?” This is not to be obnoxious, but to make it clear that that the decision to undergo a knee replacement has nothing to do with the doctor and everything to do with the patient. […]