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About Us

an mri machineSurgication was conceptualized and created by a practicing orthopedic surgeon who feels that patient education is of paramount importance, but is being put in jeopardy with the evolution of the health care system. Office visits are getting shorter and shorter while the patients’ hunger for accurate information is ever-increasing. The use of the internet for health care information is on the rise, but the validity and reliability of the information is questionable….until now.

“In this day and age where a plethora of health-related information is readily available on the Internet, but often outdated and inaccurate, we should be spending more and more time educating our patients properly about surgical procedures we are recommending. Unfortunately, with the way the health care system is evolving, doctors have less and less time in which provide this service. This can lead to patients being frustrated and not feeling completely informed before surgery. I am hoping that Surgication will help to solve that problem for our patients and allow surgeons to be more efficient in the office as they can use our platform for educational purposes.”

Dr. Scott Tarantino
CEO and Founder

Our Mission

Our goal at Surgication is to be the premier educational website for patients who are indicated for or interested in learning about common orthopedic surgical procedures by providing the most reliable evidence-based learning programs, which have all been written by, reviewed and approved by board-certified orthopedic surgeons.

We also want to be the educational website to which orthopedic surgeons and hospitals refer their patients and family members for information pertaining to common orthopedic surgical procedures.

Our Vision

Currently, Surgication is focused on orthopedic surgery only. Once completely established in orthopedics, the long-term goal of the company is to ultimately provide patient education programs across a variety of surgical subspecialties. In the years to come, we would like to include the most common procedures performed across the USA and the world in general surgery, urology, and cardiac surgery, etc. Ultimately, we would like our site to provide educational opportunities across several languages as well.