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How It Works

doctor pointing out to a patient specific bones on a skeletal model of the spineThe ability of a patient to provide true informed consent for a surgical procedure requires a legally-defined knowledge base. Each of our educational programs is dedicated to a single surgical procedure and designed to meet this criteria.

Note that all surgical cases are unique and that our programs are general in nature. Speak to your doctor about the details of your specific situation!! Surgication is not a substitute for these conversations.

What We Offer

Surgication offers 17-49 minute, informational presentations (“courses”) with illustration/graphics, text content and narrated (auto-play) audio in a user-friendly format. Read below for additional information about “How it Works” or read about currently available procedure courses.

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The information covered in each program that will help you provide true informed consent includes:


  • Non-surgical options available
  • Indications for surgery
  • Technical description of the surgical procedure (video if available)
  • Benefits and risks of surgery
  • Benefits and risks of NOT having surgery
  • Reasonable anticipated expectations and outcomes
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Each program is a narrated slide presentation that incorporates notes, illustrations or pictures, and video. The programs are divided into chapters that are presented in a very specific sequence and you will be required to watch them in that order. At the conclusion of each chapter, you will be asked to confirm your understanding of the material presented. Once this is done, you then have the option to review or move on to the next chapter. You can always review anything you have already watched, but cannot jump ahead out of order.

Once you have completed the entire program, you will be given the option of generating a PDF version of our Surgication Certificate. This certificate can be printed or emailed to yourself as proof of your participation in our program. It can be provided to your surgeon and/or hospital to confirm your efforts in trying to understand your procedure to the best of your ability.

Note that our site is NOT a substitute for you personal conversations with your doctor/surgeon. Our programs, although comprehensive, are not considered all-inclusive and are meant to be a generic educational option for patients. Certain patients may have unique problems or issues with respect to their procedure and this should be discussed with your doctor!!

Additional Information

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