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Knee Replacement Information

I am so glad I reviewed Surgication’s presentation on knee replacement.  Understanding what was going to happen to me during and after the operation was critical for my recovery.  It gave me the confidence that I needed proceed.  Thank you Surgication.
Eleanore B.

Love Surgication

I absolutely loved Surgication.  You have done so much for your patients.  I have decided to move forward with surgery.
Trisha F.

ACL Reconstruction FAQs

I just finished the ACL reconstruction module and found it very helpful.  I liked how it reviewed the risks and benefits of each scenario and had the FAQ’s available at the end.  The pictures and videos were informative as well.
Suzannah L.

Well-Produced and Helped Reduce Anxiety

All in all, this course is very well-produced and did help to reduce any anxiety for my Mom and family about the procedure.  Thank you for this additional resource.
Ashley H.

Total Hip Replacement Questions

Facing my imminent total hip replacement, I had many questions.  By my nature, and as a career engineer, I want to understand everything I can about what is exactly involved, what to expect, what are the ranges of possibilities and risks, and what can I do to optimize my outcomes.  Surgication answered my questions, plus reminded me of things I’d forgotten that the doctor had told me.  Furthermore, it was there for me to reference after the surgery during recovery.  Surgication is a great idea and a wonderful recourse to ease patients’ minds.
Mark M.

Bravo Surgication

Bravo, Surgication!!  This program is a must for anyone considering knee or hip replacement.  Plenty of relevant clinical information presented in plain English and very helpful graphics.  Surgication provides important pre-op information and lets the patient know exactly what to expect following surgery.  Five Stars!!
Rob S.

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